Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Mary - Physics

Today for our Double Period of Science with Mr De Soysa, we learnt about the differences between Scalar and Vector Quantities. 
  1. Scalar Quantities - This has only a magnitude or size of an object. This has no direction.
  2. Vector Quantities - This has both magnitude and direction.
We were given different quantities in Physics where we had to define the meanings of them and also organise them into groups of Scalar Quantities and Vector Quantities. For example, Acceleration is the Rate of change of speed with time or speeding up (ms-2). This is a Vector quantity because it has both magnitude and direction.
Another example is, Deceleration. Deceleration is reducing the acceleration or reducing speed. This is also a Vector Quantity.

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Monday, 30 October 2017

Mary - Maths Reflection

Today I used geometry to make a model of a tent. I planned to make a tent shaped like a 3D pentagon using materials like,  paper, scissors, cellotape, string, straws, a ruler, and a pen.
I drew a net to make it much more easier of how I was to construct my tent. To make my tent I drew a 2D shapes together to make my net, for example I drew 5 squares, 4 triangles and 4 flaps on the squares so that my tent could be easier to connect when I am building it.
I went according to plan when I was drawing my net, and building the tent itself. But something I could do next time to improve my tent is probably make it bigger, and also to try not be so rough on it as my tent started to have dents and the roof was falling in.

If other people were to make my tent they may be concerned about why there were straws attached to do the roof, The doors, and the dents.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Mary - Social Studies Summary - Huli Tribe

For the next unit that we did in Social Studies we learnt about The Amazon Rainforest. We watched many videos about how tribes who live in the forest survive and what they do in their daily lives. We Learnt about what they eat, wear, education and as well as transport. We we were then given a task to do a presentation about a tribe that related to the Rainforest. My group chose to do the Huli Tribe. We learnt about where the tribe is located and how long they have lived there, for example: The Huli clan are an indigenous Tribe that is located in Tari, the capital of the Hela Province and also the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

They have lived in their current area for about 1000 years, with a current population of approximately 90,000 people. We also learnt about how they live with food, their living conditions, and the clothing they wear. Their main diet consists of sweet potatoes and Yams. They live in ground huts fenced by split-wood and mud walls. The roof of there huts are made from stripes off of large branches or solid leaves. There purpose of having split wood then hard mud as there walls is to keep their pigs in the compound away from the gardens. It’s also known to spiritually keep evil spirits out of the huts with their pigs kept inside. Men sleep in separate huts as the women & pigs. For clothing the women wear traditional grass skirts and the men wear a Koteka. They have cultural practices where pigs are a sign of importance and wealth. It can be used as the bride price paid to the family of the bride's, death indemnities and also ritual payments. In conclusion I have learnt a lot about the Huli Tribe and differences of their daily lives to mine.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Mary - Reflection Summary (Social Studies)

I conducted a Social inquiry of the Human Rights issue in North Korea. The Human Right that is being violated in North Korea is article 13,  “The right to freedom of movement or travel as they wish”.
Cause: The North Korean Dictators have violated for 7 decades. North Korea has been under the rule of, Kim Jong-un. Basic freedoms of life have slowly been taken away from North Korean people under the Kim’s family political “dynasty” (sovereignty).
Consequences: Consequences that most North Koreans will face is that most people won't be able to develop properly or learn about what's going on in the Real World, as they are taken the basic freedoms/aspects of life, such as listening to music, watching t.v and etc.
A perspective: A perspective of someone is defector, Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi Park and her family escaped from North Korea to China as they were sick of living in fear and of being under the control of Kim Jong-un. They wanted to experience freedom, being able to watch Hollywood movies without fearing of being sent to prison camps. Yeonmi stated that on her journey to China she travelled through the Gobi desert using a compass as their only way to freedom, the compass broke and she lost all hope and was ready to kill herself as she didn't want to be sent back to North Korea.

My perspective: My perspective is that North Korea should be a Democratic country as it will give the citizens of North Korea a say in what they believe should happen to their country. North Koreans don't get a say in their countries laws and that's why most people are suffering and want to escape. 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Careers With Maths

For Maths we were given a project where we had to choose a career we want to pursue in the future, and see how Maths connects to it. We were also given certain questions that we had to answer. As you can see by the Title of the Presentation, I aspire to be a Artist/Entertainer/Musician. It's something that I have always dreamt to be since I was little.

Mary - Child Labour in Ghana

Image result for the darker side of chocolate#For Social Studies we watched a documentary about Child Labour in Ghana. The labour that the children had to work in was Coco Farms. Something that I have learnt about the “Darker Side of Chocolate" story is fair trade and its impact. I learnt that Fair Trade could help the families of communities because as part of the fair trade, Cocoa beans could be traded for three times its price, where in exchange communities will be provided with water taps that provide clean fresh water, food and many other resources that could fulfil the daily needs of families.
Something that individuals and groups could do to help protect these communities are, we could start to buy fair trade chocolate or any other products that are fair trade, spread awareness of what is happening in communities like Ghana or even create campaigns that could support fair trade companies.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Mary, Melissa and Koliata - Human Rights Assessment Introduction

Human Rights Assessment Introduction:
1. Identify a HUMAN RIGHTS issues that is currently impacting people and places in the    world.  
We will conduct a Social Inquiry on the Human Rights issue of No Freedom of Movement. Our case study will focus on the country of North Korea.

2.You must write an introduction, describing the issue, where it is happening and who is affected by it!

Introduction : The Human Rights issue that we will be researching is “ The right to freedom of movement or travel as they wish“  The reason why we have chosen this topic is because we believe that everyone has the right to travel wherever they want freely, without any of the Government’s concern/permission and also without feeling the need to fear because of being rejected, where they could be abused, tortured and even put up for execution. We also believe that everyone should be treated equally and fairly, many parts of North Korea people are treated disrespectfully and are left to starve with no help from the government.
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