Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Mehi - My Maths Learning log

Ahigma's Spine

Ahigma’s Spine.

A thousand years ago, in the midst of the battlefield. Death scattered far and wide like black roses. Lost in the wind. Blood pouring viciously scaling the pale blades of the grass. The foul stench of grief strayed uncertainly, stroking the hearts of many fighters.

On the shore the battle continued. Ahigma desperately defending his home Anguilla  of the Caribbean. Strong as he was, his faith faltered as many more soldiers fell.
“AHIGMA!” His fellow friend Jack called over the clashes of blades and spears.
“WHAT!?” He shouted back, concerned for Jack.
“HOW LONG TILL WE FALL?” Jack replied, tears threatening to spill.
Ahigma shook his head in frustration as he charged forward, wounding his rather large opponent.  “WHERE IS YOUR HEART AT? FIGHT! THERE IS NO PLACE FOR WEAKNESS!” Ahigma’s eyes scanned the shore looking for someone to kill.

He sprinted towards the left of the golden sand, now tinged with crimson blood, towards a soldier in the water, raising his hand to drive his sword forward. CRACK! SNAP! His spine had been punctured by a spear. He fell into the water, his last thought before losing consciousness echoing in his dark and clouded mind...I have no faith and confidence in the other soldiers.


Water lapped over the golden specks of sand that sat still, as Ahigma rolled onto the banks. He woke with a sudden jolt. Unaware of his location.  He sat up on the golden specks of the Anegada, a mere island located within The Virgin Islands. He stood up strolling 5 feet before coming to a halt. He stooped down low to scoop a handful of gin clean water. As time passed he stumbled deeper into the forest, his vision blurring as he discovered a home in the centre of a clearing, surrounded by a ring of trees. He ran, tripping over his own feet. He hauled himself onto the the porch as he pounded on the door desperately awaiting an answer. The door creaked open.

“By the lord! WHO ARE YOU!?” A voice screeched. The lady dragged him into the cabin. Huffing and puffing. Ahigma watched her move around frantically, as she shook her head at the site of his back, while he lay on his stomach. Her movements around the  wooden home firm, but graceful.

He managed to croak. “My name is Ahigma…”
She placed her hand on her hip “What is goin’ on? First you stumble around and now you be all lazy...HMMMM? My,my,my, oh goodness I hear there’s a war goin’ on? On the island of Anguilla?”
He sat up suddenly “ I must return to…”
“Ain’t no way you are goin’ back there!  There’s only one way to get you home.”  She muttered thoughtfully.
Ahigma stood up curious. “ How?”
She smirked. Eyes sparkling. “They way of the tide.”

He followed her through the forest, through the towers of leaves and bark and to the shore.
She sighed, “The way of the tide heals your back but keeps you in the form the tide chooses, so good luck my friend.” She chanted strange words. Water leaped from the water grabbing Ahigma to the depths of the ocean.

At the shore of Anguilla as the war raged on, an emerald turtle arose in the ocean. It’s shell smashed into hexagons. A broken shield.  Snatched from the ocean shore, the smart mind of a soldier using him as shield. The smart mind belonged to Josh. The war was won by the soldiers of Anguilla.  The turtle renewed with a shell of cracks and patterns.

But what of Ahigma...Where did he go after being snatched by the  sea? Just remember “The way of the tide” chooses the form of whoever is taken by the ocean.  What if Ahigma shielded his companions?

Mehi - Multiplication Triangle

This is the multiplication  triangle that I have completed. I found it a bit challenging but I finished it in the end. There were big numbers but the answer came to be zero.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Mehi - Meme - Commas

Here is a meme that I created on Meme Genrator.  It is about how it to use a comma to separate a phrase. Hope you enjoy it.

Mehi, Ma'asi and Chasity - Spelling activities T3WK3

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mehi - Staying Smart with Mobiles

Here is a google drawing that I completed that is about how you can stay smart with a mobile phone.