Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Mihi

My Report Writing Research

The Killer Whale

The Killer Whale are cetaceans which belong to the order Delphinidae. This means that they are “Dolphins” regardless the word “whale” is in its name.

A killer whale has black above, with a sharply contrasting white oval patch around each eye; its belly is white with white markings projecting up along the animal's sides. It has a high, triangular dorsal fin midway between head and tail, and broad, paddle-shaped flippers.

The Killer Whale lives in the open seas,In the Antarctic ocean or the Australian zoo and in most seas.

Killer Whales eat fish, squid, seals, sea lions, walruses, birds, sea turtles, otters, penguins, polar bears, reptiles, sharks, octopus.They even eat other smaller whales.
The Killer Whales behaviour is they eat other small whales,For the most part, killer whales in the wild are visible only when they are at the surface, so it is inherently challenging to document and study whale behaviour.  

Did you know that a killer whale is a marine mammal.Killer whale eats 500 foods each day,Killer Whales weigh 6000 pounds.  
Another name for killer whale is Orca and Killer whales are one of the most well-recognized sea mammals and are easily spotted by their strong black and white coloring.

The thing I like about my animal is that it is from the dolphin family and I love dolphins.Also I like this animal because it is just really a interesting animal.

My Vocation Research

WALT: identify our skills and strengths, research a vocation (job)

Vocation I have chosen:Chef


What I have found out about this vocation (job):You have to food preparation, cooking and food presentation skills.

What training do I need
You can go to a school where there are vocational programmes,two year colleges or four years college programmes.
What skills do I need for this job
You need to know your organization skills and your foods.Also you have to have good attitude and good cooking skills.
What duties would I need to complete each day
The cooker,the waiter,the cashier,mixing,head chef and organiser.
Where could I be working
The cooking station or the waiter because I have good attitude.
Who would I be working with
My helpers and my other waiters or cookers.
What hours would I be expected to work
Six hours,night shifts or morning shifts everyday.
Why I chose this vocation
I chose this vocation because I think I am a great cook and baker at home.

My Narrative Story

Isabella the wanderer

One day there lived a little girl named Isabella she was the most cutest girl a man would ever see.She lived with her mother in America.Her mother was a kind and generous person she would never ever leave her child anywhere because if she did it would mean hell to her because she Isabella is her only child.Isabella was only 5 years old.

But one day Isabella and her mother decided to go to the park.While they were at the park Isabella wanted to go to the swings so she did then Isabellas mum told her that she was going to go and get some corn dogs for them to eat but Isabella didn’t want to go she wanted to stay at the swings just in case somebody will come and take her seat so then Isabellas mu said to wait here and then she will come back to her.But while she was gone Isabella wandered off to the museum that was near the park they were at.

When Isabellas mum was coming back she looked at the swing and saw that Isabella was not there so she just everything that was in her hands and started to search for her high and low all around up and down through the gardens,while Isabella's mother was doing that Isabella was in the museum looking at all sorts of things skulls cave men and even dinosaur bones.Then a Police Officer named Frank found Isabella then he asked her what are you doing in the park by yourself.Then Isabella said I was here with my mother but I don’t know where she is now.

Then the police officer took her to the police station then waited til somebody would come in.Then when the clock struck eight o’clock Isabellas mum walked in and saw Isabella she was so relieved and ran straight up to her and cuddled her for long time.The Frank said ” I found her in the park by the museum.” Thank you very much.So then Isabella and her mother lived happily ever after.The End

My Descriptive Writing

One Easter morning the sun was shining brightly over the clouds and the breeze was flowing and drifting peacefully in the nice blue sky.
Everybody was rushing downstairs to eat breakfast when they can smell hot cross buns and freshly homemade pancakes with a drizzle of maple syrup that their next door just made from the maple tree near by.

After everyone finished breakfast everybody just rushed out the door and went out the backyard where all the Easter eggs were hidden ,they were going to play a game of Easter hunting.

It was very hard for the little ones but the older ones shared with the little ones and some of the little ones found some themselves.
After everyone had found all the Easter eggs in the backyard.

Then it was starting to get dark so everybody got inside washed themselves and went to bed but before they went to bed they were told what Easter really is about while they were eating Easter eggs.

Easter is all about how Jesus died for our sins because if he didn’t die for us we wouldn’t even be born and did you also know that Jesus’s hands was nailed on on a cross.

Then after three whole days Jesus lived again and came back alive and Mary who was Jesus’s mother was so cheerful to see her son again.The End

So the children learned that Easter isn’t about all the chocolate its was about Jesus and why he died for our sins.
So they had the most fun Easter they’d ever had in there whole entire life and never forgot the story of Easter and told it to their children when they were grown up.Also their children passed on the story to their own children and it went on and on and on until they all died it was just like the movie The Travelling Pants.


Friday, 8 March 2013

My Aiga Poem

Aiga Poem

WALT write and present an Aiga poem about our ancestors and culture, and how we feel about them

My Generation

I am a Tongan and I am proud of my identity
I come from two parts of Tonga
My ancestors come from Tonga and they are very important to me
I am a Tongan daughter of great people
My ancestors are shining brightly down on me like angels in the sky

By Mehi Ake