Monday, 31 July 2017

Mary - Reflection Summary (Social Studies)

I conducted a Social inquiry of the Human Rights issue in North Korea. The Human Right that is being violated in North Korea is article 13,  “The right to freedom of movement or travel as they wish”.
Cause: The North Korean Dictators have violated for 7 decades. North Korea has been under the rule of, Kim Jong-un. Basic freedoms of life have slowly been taken away from North Korean people under the Kim’s family political “dynasty” (sovereignty).
Consequences: Consequences that most North Koreans will face is that most people won't be able to develop properly or learn about what's going on in the Real World, as they are taken the basic freedoms/aspects of life, such as listening to music, watching t.v and etc.
A perspective: A perspective of someone is defector, Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi Park and her family escaped from North Korea to China as they were sick of living in fear and of being under the control of Kim Jong-un. They wanted to experience freedom, being able to watch Hollywood movies without fearing of being sent to prison camps. Yeonmi stated that on her journey to China she travelled through the Gobi desert using a compass as their only way to freedom, the compass broke and she lost all hope and was ready to kill herself as she didn't want to be sent back to North Korea.

My perspective: My perspective is that North Korea should be a Democratic country as it will give the citizens of North Korea a say in what they believe should happen to their country. North Koreans don't get a say in their countries laws and that's why most people are suffering and want to escape.