Friday, 27 February 2015

Amazing Race Winner

Yay! I am feeling so happy because my team won the Year 7&8 Amazing Race which happened at Tamaki Primary school on Thursday 26th February,2015. We came with a overall of 577 points which made us win!

Amazing Race Reflection

This is a presentation about my reflection on the year 7&8 Amazing Race. Which took place on Thursday 26th February, 2015 at Tamaki Primary School. 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wacky Web Tales

This is a Wacky web Tale that I have made. I was inspired by Willy while going through his blog I saw a Wacky Web Tale which motivated me to do one of my own . This is a really wacky story that I think doesn't really make sense.
Enjoy reading!

My Superhero - Oceania

Here is a drawing about a superhero that I have created. My superhero's name is 'Oceania'.

The Journey

The Journey

Safe, happy, together.
Until…….. a big gust of wind blows me away from my family, then a huge cloud of thick fog approaches making the faces of my family fade.
I feel miserable and lonely as I drift away into the foggy forest. I then land into a pile of other leaves, I feel different and scared as I hear heavy thumps. It gets closer and closer, I try to stay as quiet as I can so that it doesn’t squash me. I can see the angry expression on its face looking like it is going to squash me as I lie there waiting for the right time . All of a sudden it picks me up and blows me away.

I start drifting away into the open forest. At first i’m scared but then I start to recognise the way. I can hear powerful gushes of water hitting into the river. The ear bending sound of the wind howling frightens me. I can smell the essences of the fresh water which fascinates me. The expression on my face then lights up which made me say in a happy mood, “I’m going home!” I then enter into the watery atmosphere. I try my best to land safely into the water. The cold touch tickles me. I drift off all alone looking like a
abandoned driftwood. While i’m drifting the happy expression on my face slowly fades. I then start to think about my family and friends which makes me happy again. Then a huge burst of wind pushes me. It then lifts me up into the air. I start to fly away like a bird. Then I soon recognise that I am going to the opposite direction of where my family is. I then start to feel miserable and droopy again. Even though I was feeling miserable I still never gave up I am still going to find a way back home even if it takes me days. As I hover across the different types of trees and rivers I soon found myself in a nest.

I start to panic. I start shouting to myself, “I’M GONNA GET EATEN ALIVE!” Then soon realise that birds don’t eat leaves. THey ain’t vegetarians. I feel so embarrassed. As I waited and waited I could hear chirping nearby I get scared and frightened. I start to panic and then after waiting for several hours a huge gust of wind finally comes and takes me away just in time before the birds come back to their nest. “whew, What a relief.” I say in a relieved tone. I then start my journey again in the air. The view from above was beautiful. I could see the different types of trees, insects and waterways. 

Then from a distance I can see my home. I start to get excited and happy. The closer I was home the more excited I got, I just couldn’t wait, I was so impatient that I began wobbling and shaking. After the excitement I finally was at home. My brothers, sisters and parents were so happy to see me. They said that they woke up and saw that I wasn’t there and started to worry. They thought I just went for I ride around the Forest. But when I told them the awesome journey I had they didn’t even care as long as I was safe at home.


Key Characteristics of a Real Life Hero

Here is a drawing about key characteristics of my real life hero.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Word of the Week

Here is a drawing of the word of the week for me 'Hero'.

Mehi - The Lost and Found Camera

This is a reading task our class was given that is about how we can develop our understanding of a text by using the making inferences skill.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Mehi - Water wonderland

Water Wonderland

As soon as I walked in I caught a glimpse of the beautiful sparkly clear water which made me want to just jump in after having a hot trip on the bus I felt like I was going to suffocate it was like there was no windows that could be opened except for the emergency exit window which was too small. When everybody was in their togs the life guards went over the rules which was great because it was to make sure we were safe but was a bit boring and made me feel frustrated having to sit under the blazing hot sun.
After that we finally got straight into our activities, the junior syndicate had freeplay and the senior syndicate had a duathlon. First of all we had to go over what we were doing and then we got into our teams. The student councils were the leaders of each team. As the time went by our teams were all sorted and ready to go. Team by team they entered into the pool altogether, it was amazing seeing all the student leaders helping their team and encouraging them to keep going that made me motivated to do the same thing. After a while it was finally our turn to get in at first it was cold but then I got use to it our team was amazing swimming pass other teams and beating them. When we got out of the pool we all started to race it was fun helping others get there. Then after a while I slowly felt frustrated always having to wait for our other teammates. Then when we finally accomplished the duathlon we had morning tea.

After that we got to have some free time in the pool. We had two choices it was either to go and play in the Water pads or to just have fun in the pool I chose to have fun in the pool cause I was too lazy to run around in the Water pads. While we were having free time me brandon and Willy made up a game it was called ‘Squid’. We had to try and get the squid (Brandon) off the prey (Willy). My job was to try and take off brandon from Willy. It was really hard at first but then it go easier and easier. It was really funny because each time Willy gets away he ends up getting caught.

Then it was finally our turn on the Hydroslide. As soon as I got up there it was a long line. I got really impatient and wanted to go on the slide immediately so I tried to be patient and wait my turn then finally it was my turn I was so happy. As I waited for the green light to go people were complaining to just hurry up but I ignored them and just waited then when the green light went on. Then Mckoy pushed me down. It was so dark I could barely see anything all I could feel are the uneven bumps that were rubbing against my back. After a few more go’s on the slide I decided to go back into the pools. Few minutes before I could even get into the pool we had to go and have lunch we had sausage sizzle and a ice block it was so delicious.

Then when we had finished our lunch we finally got to go on the diving board even though I was terrified I wanted to try new things. So I started off with the small diving board then I moved to the bigger diving board when I jumped off I felt like I was jumping off a tower and could fly. It was so amazing. After a couple of turns on the diving board I went to the hydroslide and then back into the pool.

After a few minutes in the pool we had to go and change I felt a bit stink because I really wanted to keep on swimming but couldn’t. After we got in the bus and went back to school. I was so tired that I could barely stand up but I ended up having to because I had to walk home. What a day!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Mehi - Superhero Vs Real Life Hero

Today for inquiry we got given a task which was called Definition Battle. We had to compare what a real life hero and a super hero are. They had some similarities and some not. 

Heroes Title Page

For inquiry our main topic is 'HEROES' . WE ahd to make a title page for our topic so here it is. HOpe you like it because I LOVE it!

Mehi - HEROES - Word Association Task

For inquiry our main topic is 'HEROES'. Today we had to do a word association so we can make more connections between our prior knowledge and the topic.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Inquiry Presentation

Kia Manawanui

This is a DLO ( Digital Learning Object) to show what our syndicate name Kia Manawanui means or symbolises. Also I have included How we can show these qualities in not only the class but in the whole of Tamaki Primary and to also the community.

Mehi - Fun facts about Waitangi

On Waitangi day I made a Google drawing about Facts that were based on The Treaty of Waitangi. Which was signed on the 6th of February, 1840.

Mehi - Metaphors

For Grammarnastics we did Metaphors. We had to show how to use metaphors by putting them into sentences. These are my examples.

Mehi - Math Games online - Grand Pix Multiplication

Today for maths my group had to do math games online. I chose to do the Grand Pix multiplication. I won twice which made my day happy. As you can see I have different nicknames, my first game I just used any letters but on my second game I wrote Jeff.

Mehi - My TRUMP Goals For Learning

These are my TRUMP Goals that relate to the key competencies for this year.