Monday, 30 October 2017

Mary - Maths Reflection

Today I used geometry to make a model of a tent. I planned to make a tent shaped like a 3D pentagon using materials like,  paper, scissors, cellotape, string, straws, a ruler, and a pen.
I drew a net to make it much more easier of how I was to construct my tent. To make my tent I drew a 2D shapes together to make my net, for example I drew 5 squares, 4 triangles and 4 flaps on the squares so that my tent could be easier to connect when I am building it.
I went according to plan when I was drawing my net, and building the tent itself. But something I could do next time to improve my tent is probably make it bigger, and also to try not be so rough on it as my tent started to have dents and the roof was falling in.

If other people were to make my tent they may be concerned about why there were straws attached to do the roof, The doors, and the dents.