Friday, 16 September 2016

Being a Year 9 Student!

Hello there today's post is going to be a reflection about my experience as a Year 9 student at Tamaki College.

At first in the beginning of the year I was so nervous and scared because I was afraid of getting lost and I had a lot of anxiety problems back then. I was scared that people will judge me and I was afraid of being in a college environment. I didn't know where to go since we weren't just staying in one room for the whole day like in intermediate and I had new people in my class, but I just followed them around when it came to class time. I had new teachers, well basically new everything! I was too scared to make new friends so I just hung out with my friends from intermediate who also chose to come to Tamaki College.

As time went by the older students especially the year 13's helped us find our way around the school and made us feel comfortable. The schedule was way different than Intermediate too, like back in intermediate interval and lunch was at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm but now in college its 10 minutes earlier because each period is 50 minutes. We even have Athletics at the start of the year rather then the end and its just amazing, we get into houses, learn our chants and then compete each other for the shield. Tests are called exams and its treated very seriously, to the fact where it take nearly 2 hours or even more, but the environment is still the same where we have to be quiet and not cheat, but the cool thing is we get to finish early after that. Also P.E classes aren't the same, instead of wearing our uniform we have to bring gear(spare clothes which you can play in), that way so that our uniform's don't get dirty and smelly, plus who would want to do P.E in skirts.

We also have assembly or what we like to call Our Family time, where awards are handed out to students and notices are told. My favourite part about assembly is the musical performances because I love hearing the students different talents.

I even joined all sorts of sports like Rugby and League, I'm joining Volleyball and even 7s. When joining sports in College, its not just a one day tournament where you go to a tournament for one day and verse different schools, you play a game each week for a season either after school or in the weekends. Training's are after school and they train you real hard, but I like it. I even got a opportunity to play for the Auckland Rugby Girls Under 18 Representative team for South/East, but I didn't want to play because I just only started playing rugby and under 18s were just a bit too much for me as a year 9 student.

It's now getting to the end of term 3 and there is just one more term of being the babies of the school, the year 13 students are leaving and the school will be adding a new bunch.
Overall my experience as a Year 9 student has been great and I love every bit of it!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Maths - Co ordinates

Well hello there, it's been such a long time since I've blogged and it feels good to be back! Today for maths we learnt about co ordinates.
A co ordinate is a special kind of point because X comes before Y.
Sounds confusing?? Well let me help you firstly in a Co ordinate there is two numbers. There is also many types of lines for e.g
 X is how far along
Y is how far up
M = Slope or Gradient (how steep the line is)
B = the Y Intercept (where the line crosses the Y axis)

Here is an Image of co ordinates: