Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Mehi, Chasity and Jennifer - A-Z Camp Vocabulary

Mehi and Jennifer - Kokako Acrostic Poem

Create an acrostic poem for the words “Kokako Lodge”
Begin by listing the letters down the page like this: (yes, you can copy and paste!)

K = Kind instructors helped us along the way through every activity.
O = Original performances and acts.
K = Knowing that we were safe.
A = Attitude positively shown around.
K = Kokako lodge is a beautiful camp.
O = Obviously everyone was having fun.

L = Laughter was the key to happiness.
O = Outstanding is what everybody said about camp.
D = Dirty clothing was put away into plastic bags.
G = Girls and guy’s bonded together growing maturely at camp.

E = Every thing at camp was JUST PERFECT!