Saturday, 31 October 2015

A little Descriptive Paragraph about Halloween!

Darkness falls across the land and the midnight hour was close at hand. The moon is full and stars are shining brightly. Children roam the streets hoping to find candy. Laughter and joy everywhere. A few screams here and there. A foul stench travels through the air while trying to threaten the happiness of children. Ghouls and Goblins will probably be out tonight roaming the streets while Jack-o-lanterns shine bright wishing you a haunting NIGHT!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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Quote for this Week!!!

Hello again...Me again. Well uhhh yeah.....Just kidding here is this week's quote of the week!!!

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This quote means to me that we were all born to not be perfect I mean like there is no such thing as a perfect woman or boy. We were all born unique with different characteristics whether we are just good at reading and writing but not so good at music or sports. We were all born to be real and not some fake person who tries so hard to be that perfect person for nothing. So my advice to you is just be yourself because your true self is just Amazing!


Hey everybody!!! I know this is a late post its just I've had some difficulties trying to find a device to blog with...but I've found one...well my sister's one....Any who this is just a post wishing all the humans persons out there a Happy Halloween!!!
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Friday, 23 October 2015

Quote for the Week

Hello there it's that time again for another 'Quote of the Week'. Here's this week's quote!

This quote means to me that you should try to be a better person than you were the day before because well that is true, we should all do better than the day before, we should all be more kinder than the day before, we should all be more helpful than the day before. We should all be a better person than we were the day before!

Note Taking Task - The Sun

Hello people of the blogging world(or what ever world your in). This is a task that I have completed from our Inquiry work tasks. This task is a note taking task where we had to watch a few videos about the sun and take notes. This is the end result!


Hello there AGAIN here is another Google drawing that I have completed. This Google Drawing showcases what different types of cooking methods there are. These are the methods that I have written down.

YEP Another Google Drawing about Food Technology!

Hello there, here is yet another Google drawing about Food Technology. Sorry for the late upload it's just been really complicated finding a charger for my netbook. But here is the finish product.

Food Technology

Hello fellow humans persons. Its been quite a long time since I've blogged. But here is a piece of work that I have completed during technology time. I'm in a new technology group. This term i'm in....FOOD TECHNOLOGY YYAYAYAYA.....I just really love cooking. 
But stayed tuned for more Google drawings that are related to Food technology.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Kiwisport Reflection - SNAG Golf

In the first block the year 8's had Kiwisport. This time it wasn't basketball(BOOHOO!) but instead it was SNAG Golf. SNAG stands for Starting  New At Golf. 

Sadly we didn't really get to use a proper golf ball or a proper golf club instead we had three tennis balls, a target, a hula hoop and two cones.  But just as we were getting into our tasks we had to run to the top courts and DROP, COVER, HOLD because if you didn't know well today, October 15th at 9:15am was the National(New Zealand ONLY) event for the earthquake drill. For more information about this click this link.

But anywho after doing the drill we ran back to the bottom courts and carried on with our kiwisports. We all got into groups of threes or fours. I was with my friends Maopa, Quitah and Lavinia(who came afterwards). We all took turns trying to aim for the target eventually we changed the target from getting it in the cones to putting it into the hula hoop. After how many attempts of getting it in we all at least got well I think once or twice. We also learnt new skills on how to aim for the target and how to position yourself too. But sometimes people will cheat and stand straight when they were suppose to stand sideways. It was great fun and I can't wait ford our next session.
Image result for snag golf
Image result for snag golf
Here is a short video clip of us playing SNAG Golf.
SNAG GOLF from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Niuean Language Week

Well hello again fellow humans person. This presentation shows different tasks that are related to the Niuean Language Week because if you didn't know well this week is Niuean Language Week. My class and myself had to chose a few tasks that were related to the Niuean Language Week. I chose to do these tasks so do enjoy!

Quote Of The Week

Hello fellow Humans Person this is yet ANOTHER quote of the week post. Sorry for not posting a quote of the week last week it was just that I was soo busy and my netbook charger broke so I couldn't really go on it...But yeah.....
Anywho this week's quote of the week is.....
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As I was checking my blog the other day for new comments my teacher commented on my first quote of the week post and suggested that I should write what this quote means to me in my point of view. 

This quote means to me that people should treat each other fairly and with respect because even just complimenting somebody could make them feel speciaL. Also including everybody in games and activities so that they don't feel left out and feel like they are somebody.