Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Narrative Story

Isabella the wanderer

One day there lived a little girl named Isabella she was the most cutest girl a man would ever see.She lived with her mother in America.Her mother was a kind and generous person she would never ever leave her child anywhere because if she did it would mean hell to her because she Isabella is her only child.Isabella was only 5 years old.

But one day Isabella and her mother decided to go to the park.While they were at the park Isabella wanted to go to the swings so she did then Isabellas mum told her that she was going to go and get some corn dogs for them to eat but Isabella didn’t want to go she wanted to stay at the swings just in case somebody will come and take her seat so then Isabellas mu said to wait here and then she will come back to her.But while she was gone Isabella wandered off to the museum that was near the park they were at.

When Isabellas mum was coming back she looked at the swing and saw that Isabella was not there so she just everything that was in her hands and started to search for her high and low all around up and down through the gardens,while Isabella's mother was doing that Isabella was in the museum looking at all sorts of things skulls cave men and even dinosaur bones.Then a Police Officer named Frank found Isabella then he asked her what are you doing in the park by yourself.Then Isabella said I was here with my mother but I don’t know where she is now.

Then the police officer took her to the police station then waited til somebody would come in.Then when the clock struck eight o’clock Isabellas mum walked in and saw Isabella she was so relieved and ran straight up to her and cuddled her for long time.The Frank said ” I found her in the park by the museum.” Thank you very much.So then Isabella and her mother lived happily ever after.The End

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