Friday, 22 February 2013

My Description at Splash Planet

WALT write an imaginative description of a picture

It was a blazing hot summer day at Splash Planet. I was very excited to see everybody having fun on the hydroslide.I went and paid my money at the gate and got a band that was strapped around my hand stuck together.

The noise got louder and louder as people were screaming and shouting as they went down the huge,long slide. I could see huge queues of people waiting to go on the slide or to get food. It looked like a long dragon.

The sun was blistering around us as some people got sunburnt and other people were trying to get a tan.I could smell the chlorine from the pool.
I could also smell the yummy sausages sizzling away with its scrumptious flavour.

Splash Planet is so much fun and full of happiness and it is incredible.

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