Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mehi - Tuakana Teina - Room 1

Today for the morning Miss Barlow's class which is room 1 came into room 8 and did some writing. We had to buddy up with somebody. My buddy was my little brother Lino. He was a great partner. We had to create a sea creature with our imagination and describe it. Our sea creature was called 'Candy Monster'. It was called that because it loved to eat candy and because it lived on candy island too. It was wonderful to have room one in room 8 especially when we all learned a new song call the kaimoana song it went like this:
Kina Kina
Wheke wheke
Ika ika
Tuna tuna
Pipi pipi
Paua paua
Kaimoana e !... Hi!!

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