Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Science: Term 3 Reflection

Term 3 Reflection - Science:

What was a fun/interesting lesson you learnt in Term 3 for Science?
A lesson I found fun or enjoyed was when we did different experiments. For example, we did the coke and mentos rocket bottle experiment,  dying flower petals by cutting the stem four ways and putting them in a container with water and food colouring, Another one was making ooblek, which is kinda like a slime except when you touch it it's a solid but when you hold it in your hands it turns into a liquid. There was so much more! My favourite was the oobleck even though I didn't get to make it because we ran out of Borax, but my friends gave me some to feel and it was kinda satisfying.

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Nicola Wells said...

Hi Mary, I'm glad you enjoyed the fun practical day! It's a shame the flower dye-ing didn't work, I think I used the wrong flowers. They were meant to be white chrysanthemums but the store didn't have any :( Hopefully you enjoy the chemical colours practical today and learn about elements and atoms!

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