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Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief - Movie Questions

Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief
Movie Questions

  1. What is the relationship between Zeus and Poseidon? Zeus and Poseidon are brothers.
  2. What learning difficulties has Percy been diagnosed with? Percy Jackson is diagnosed with Dyslexia which is the difficulty of learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols.
  3. Who is Zeus’s father? Zeus’ father is Kronos.
  4. What type of mythical creature does the substitute teacher change into before attacking Percy? She changes into a Fury which is mostly known as the ghosts of the murdered.
  5. Why can’t Percy’s mum get into the camp? Percy’s mum can’t get into the camp because she is not immortal or a demi-god.
  6. How are Percy’s learning difficulties related to him being a demi-god? Percy Jackson’s dyslexia and 8 ohd are his strengths which was clearly pointed out during the movie.
  7. What is the name of Annabeth's mum? Annabeth's mum’s name is Athena. Athena is The Goddesses of wisdom.
  8. How did Percy’s mum protect him by being married to Gabe? Gabe’s horrible odour overcame the smell of Percy which happened to protect Percy from Harm or danger.
  9. How does Percy look at Medusa without turning to stone? He uses his phone to see the reflection of Medusa and that it helped him see what she was doing.
  10. How do the three heroes defeat the Hydra? First Percy distracts the Hydra with a huge tidal wave and then Grover comes with Medusa’s head and turns the Hydra into stone.
  11. How does going into the Lotus Casino affect Percy’s Quest? The signature dish(which is an edible flower) that they ate dulls their senses to make them want to stay at the Lotus Casino forever.
  12. Who stole Zeus’s lightning bolt? Luke stole Zeus’ lightning bolt.
  13. Where is the entrance to Olympus? The entrance to Olympus is at the Empire Stadium. There is a hidden elevator which is behind a shelf of supplies.
  14. Who does Percy Jackson fight at the end? There are two answers for this, Luke because they did fight over the lightning bolt but then at the very end he train fights with Annabeth.
  15. How did Percy defeat his enemy? He released the water from the huge water tank and gushed it over Luke which made it hard for Luke to hold onto the Lightning bolt.
  16. What motivated Luke steal the lightning bolt? The thing that motivated Luke was that he had enough of the Gods and wanted to rule Olympus in his own image. He wanted the Gods to destroy their own selves.

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