Friday, 5 June 2015


So today just minutes before the bell was gonna ring for Lunch I was pulled out of class to do some recording for our music teacher Caleb. It was actually my FIRST TIME doing a recording session. It was such a great experience. Me, Willy and Ma'asi had to go into this closet where the school stationary supplies were kept to record because it was very quiet in there and it was a perfect place to record, apparently. Me and Ma'asi sang a few parts then we started to record. We had to wear headphones so that we could hear the music and it was also to make sure that we were singing at the right time and at the right beat. Me and Ma'asi giggled a lot when it started because Willy's voice was so low and I mean like it was very very LOW......

After that we helped Caleb pack up the electronics and then we headed to the Boardroom to help Caleb set up the electronics again for another group that were recording. This time they were a bit older than us. They were recording different Cook Island drum beats. We were suppose to go back to class once we setted up the gear but then we were lucky enough to stay and record with the drummers. We all got different size drums and played with them. After a few recordings it was hometime and Me, Stanley, Willy and William volunteered to stay behind and help Caleb pack up. It took a while but soon we were done. 

It was such a cool way to end the week off and it was also such a great experience recording.
Hopefully I get to record again someday.

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