Friday, 16 November 2012

How does Electricity travel?

Electricity is a form of power that can make things turn on such as television,heaters,ovens and so on.

Are you aware that electricity starts travelling from the power stations? Most of the electricity people use comes from power stations.

Inside a power station is a device called a generator. A generator is an energy source, which gets its power from wind, water or coal. It turns blades of a turbine inside the generator.

Did you know that there is a spinning magnet that creates a flow of electricity?

After a while electricity travels to the power lines which is on tall towers that carries the electricity from power plants.

Then it travels to a substation where the transformers reduce the strength.This is called voltage.

Later on it then it travels to the distribution lines where it carries the electricity to peoples house and buildings. Finally electricity travels to our homes to make electrical appliances switch on.

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