Monday, 12 November 2012

The Three Musketeers

Once in a land called Soccer Land there were three boys named Joe, Mark and Sam.They were best friends ever since kindergarten.The three boys all went to the same school. Joe was the most popular out of both of them because his name is just like Joe Jonas and because he had wavy hair that would swing around while the cool breezy wind flowed by. On the other hand Mark was the youngest one and also the cutest one too. Sam was kind of like a nerd but not completely a nerd, he was just the brainy one. One day there was a special notice that had to go home to the parents and it was a notice that said: Soccer Tournament this Friday,You can also join for free.
Joe, Mark and Sam were so excited that they just signed up.They didn’t even know how to play soccer in fact they didn’t even know what soccer was.When it was time to train the three friends didn’t even know what to do so they just copied what everyone else was doing. It was quite embarassing for them because they were all doing it wrong, so everyone else started to laugh with joy.The boys thought that they were laughing about something else but they were wrong, really wrong. When they went home they were researching facts about soccer. After they had got all of those facts into their minds they were all ready.When it was Thursday they had got better and better and no one seemed to laugh at them any more because there was nothing to laugh about.

When Friday had come the boys were already fit and trained up. They learnt really quick about soccer because they are boys.When they had reached the soccer fields they all became nervous because everyone was counting on them escpecially Joe.Then the games were about to start the horn went on and the games had begun. Joe,Mark and Sam were off they were starting off with a good start actually, Sam and Mark had already got ten goals but Joe had only got nine goals.

Until there were only one minute on the clock until the games were finished and everyone was counting on Joe to get the last goal.
But Joe had caught up to the ball and took it off the other team and then headed to their goal.Joe had zoomed off with the ball so fast that they couldn’t even see him. He was stepping everyone with the ball. When Joe was nearly there he kicked the ball as hard as he could and then it went into the goal. Everyone was so proud of Joe that they had a party just for a celebration and his mother was so proud of him she bought him a new phone and a new ipod.

After few minutes later the three friends were called The Three Musketeers.Then they went to a pizza bar and celebrated there.Then after 5 years the three musketeers coach their own soccers teams now.

The End

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