Monday, 12 November 2012

Shooting Explosions In The Air

Gazing over the beautiful night sky, colourful colours sparkled above us. Shooting explosions in the air  was twice as nice as seeing smiles on faces. As the flowerpots sweated with flames, I felt excited as more parties happened in the air. As we heard laughter in the background and cheering chants,sizzling sausages made me feel hungry.’BOOM BOOM BANG’was heard from every corner in the street. Dancing smoke was surrounding all of us as we breathed it in and raced down my lungs. One by one, colours just bursted up with popping noises which made us frightened. As I yawned, I felt really exhausted but I didn’t want it to end. I strolled down to my bedroom with a last forever smile, feeling that this day wouldn’t be forgotten. Ash and smoke travelled down the street like it was a misty fog saying its goodbyes.

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