Monday, 31 August 2015

Iron Tamariki

WALT: find the key ideas of a story.

Today for reading our class did a task called 'Reading Reciprocal' where we had to read a text called, Iron Tamariki and from that text we had to find out the key ideas of the story. Me and my friend, Deandra found that while we were analysing the text for key ideas the main character had a Fixed Mindset. 
This is what we came up with....
When we analysed the story for ideas we came up with 'A Fixed Mindset' because the main character, Mana had displayed signs of doubting himself and giving up easily. For example in the text he kept telling his father that he hated running and also saying that he wasn't fit enough. But then when his father gave him a goal to work towards to which was if Mana completed the Iron Tamariki event his father will cook him his favourite dish(Macaroni and Cheese) for the rest of the year. This then motivated Mana to complete the Iron Tamariki event also because his father showed him a picture of what Richie Mccaw used to look like when he was Mana's age. His father compared Richie to Mana saying that Richie Mccaw used to be the same size as Mana and now that Richie Mccaw is an All Black this also motivated Mana to get the event done too.

In the text.. Iron Tamariki me and my buddy, Deandra found another key idea which was encouragement. In the story the main character, Mana is constantly reminded that he can accomplish the Iron Tamariki Marathon by his whole family whom have 100% faith that Mana can win the marathon and gain the confidence that he needed to persevere through his doubts of being able to compete in the marathon. For Example:  "C'mon cuzzie you can do it",   "I know you can.", "Don't worry about me speedy!, Kia Tere(hurry up)!", "Kia Kaha(be strong), boy!" 

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