Friday, 21 August 2015

REAL LATE Airport Adventures

Today earlier after midnight (It's quite confusing to say what time or day it was so just bare with me) me and my family went to the airport to pick up my Grandma who was coming from Tonga. Well here's the full story....

10:20pm: I had just finished chatting online with my friend Willy. After chatting to him I watched some Youtube to make me fall asleep. Well that took about 30 minutes....anywho I was just getting to sleep and BAM after only 10 MINUTES OF SLEEP I had to get up and get ready, I felt real sleepy and stink because I didn't even want to go but had to. After a few minutes of getting ready we were off. Driving through the night sky, seeing nothing but bright lights. I started to fall asleep until BAM Janet Jackson's new song, No Sleep started playing on the radio. I started to sing on my own buzz. But then we eventually reached our destination.

We walk inside and it was quite okay not too much people. But we straight away went to the Mcdonalds to have a LATE night meal. It was *Turns face to the right looking up*"SO GOOD!"(A phrase I got from Youtube)...Anywho we go back downstairs and started to wait. We thought she would come out fast but NOOOOO it took an hour(by then it was nearly 1 o'clock) My feet were aching and I felt like lying down on the floor and sleeping...but no because we were in Public. As we waited we saw different cultures walk past us with happy faces from seeing their families. After quite a while she FINALLY came out. We hugged her and went back to the car to drive home. I was SOOO HAPPY not only because she was here but because it was FINALLY TIME TO SLEEP!!! Luckily we have Teacher only day(A day for teachers only....well except for Willy...Sorry Willy but you gotta do what you gotta do) so we didn't have school.

But yeah that was my LATE night Airport Adventure!!!

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Willy I said...

"Luckily we have Teacher only day(A day for teachers only) so we didn't have school."

Except for me....but great post! Wow! Never knew this would happen after that little chat of ours :)


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