Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Today was such a FUN day because the Year 7&8 Girls and Boys had a AAIMS Netball Tournament which was held at the AMI Netball Courts.
There was a range of coloured uniforms at the netball courts which kinda looked like a rainbow but on the ground...moving around…...

Each team then went to the court they were playing on. Our team went to court number 11 where our first game was against, Point England. The buzzer went on and it was time to start, everybody was in there positions and I was in mine also, which was Goal Attack.
The games went by real fast, sadly our team lost our first game but that was okay because it would help us gain more confidence.

After a few minutes it was time for our second game which was against Kohi Marama. There team was GREAT at attacking. Sadly I had to come off because my one of fingers got cut by the safety pins from our skirts. I actually chose to come off because there was just too much blood coming out even though it was a small cut….but yeah you gotta do what you gotta do.
The game was then finished and sadly we lost again.

Everybody felt like giving up. We had a few more practices where I got hit in the ball TWICE. But yeah, after a few netball drills everybody was ready for the next game. Our next game was against Stanhope School. They were a very friendly team. We all played our hardest and FINALLY WON!!! YAY!!! I was SUPER proud of myself because my shooting skills was very poor at the start and I would always miss the goal. But FINALLY I got most of the goals for that game…..(Man I should have not doubted myself).

After about 20-30 minutes it was time for our fourth and final game which was against St Heliers. Our team was moving so fast I betcha you can’t even catch a glimpse of someone holding the ball. As we kept scoring goals the other team did too. BUT TOO BAD BECAUSE WE WON YAYAYAYAYA WE WON!!!.....WE WON…..But yes we are Humble winners yet also gracious losers…...!!!
It was so funny because Whaea petra said that we only won because she wasn't there. I actually believed that because she was there for our first two games which we lost and then when she wasn't there for our last two games we ACTUALLY WON!!!).

Either all it was a very FUN and Tiring day but it was all WORTH IT!!!

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