Monday, 28 September 2015

Fiafia Night......

Finally the night has come. My whole school was waiting for this day to come and it had finally come. 
I get ready and wait for my good friend Mele to pick me up, we said a specific time but she didn't come so I just started to walk to school. I see her running towards me. We then go and pick up another friend, Ma'asi and then go straight to the Somerville Hall. I see Willy sitting down with a really cool shirt that reminded me of Rarotonga.
Me and Mele then go and get into our cultural outfits because well in the production Mele was playing Rata who happened to be my last minute Mother(It's a long story). 
After getting dressed all actors and actresses met up on the stage for some last minute checks and rehearsals. Time was going past so slow...I was getting impatient. NEK MINIT .....It was then time to start, the nerves crept up my sleeves. I just wanted to get everything over and done with. So finally after the choir group performed it was our turn to perform our dance. I was so happy because I just love being on stage even though i'm shy I still love being on stage. Once we had finished doing our dance it was time to start the actual acting. 

After saying a few of our lines and did our acting it was onto the next scene then the next then the next. While that was happening each performing arts group would come on do their performance then onto the next groups. 
Personally my favourite performance would probably be the Bollywood Group. I just loved the beat of their music and the dance moves. It was sooo groovy and funky. 

After about five scenes it was time for the intermission. Where we would take a break and go have some FOOD! Sadly I didn't get to even touch something from a stall because the Year 8 band had to entertain the community while they get there food. I was one of the singers. I also loved it. All my friends were cheering us on and one of my friends Jennifer tried to joke around and got paper and put it on me as if it was money, I eventually threw it back to her in front of everyone. 

After the intermission it was back to the production. My family and I( Mele, Stanley and James) kept "Sailing" across the pacific passing through different islands. The last scene had come and it was when My family and I found our new home "AOTEAROA".

When the production was over I walked backstage and said to one of our teachers, "OH MY GOSH ITS FINALLY OVER HOORAY!!"
She laughed and said the same thing back to me too. 
Everyone went home and probably in their heads thought, "MAN THIS WAS AWESOME!" because it truly was!

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