Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Last day of the Term!!

Its the last day of school for term three. I thought time went past SOO FAST. I mean like it was like term one was only last week. 
In the first block we all got some candy from our teacher for all the hard work we had done during the term. But poor Stan. He was standing behind a chair, looking at the candy and Ms Aireen. Ms Aireen then said 

"Is someone near me?" 

We all laughed but eventually had to go to the Somerville hall to clean up all the equipment and stuff from the Fiafia night.
All the year 8 and 7 students were scattered all over the school returning things to classes and rooms. Most of us were taking back chairs which was such a workout. Luckily I wasn't one of them because I had to sort out all the props from our production into different baskets....lei's go here...Fake fruit go here. It was fun sorting out the props. 

Anywho after all of the equipment was returned back to school we all went back to our classes and packed it up for the holidays. As we cleaned we danced to different kinds of music and yes they played a Michael Jackson song I mean like c'mon they can't forget a Michael Jackson song well it was ABC by the Jackson 5. I was the only one singing but who cares. 

After cleaning it was morning tea we all decided to stay in and watch Maze Runner. I thought the movie was cool, there was so much action. But man when I saw the maze I was just like........WOAH. I was speechless because well that was my first time watching the movie(I don't get time to watch movies.) We watched the movie for the whole middle block up until lunch time. 
During lunch all the year 8 students played Bulrush. I got tagged a few times. It was so much fun. It was a great way to spend the last lunch time of the term.  As lunchtime was coming to an end all of the students from years 1 to 8 had to pick up rubbish around the school. 

But later that day..
We went back to class and had a dance battle..boys vs girls. The girls were first, luckily me and a couple of my friends made up a dance routine to Hit the quan. After us it was the boys turn. Of course they didn't have a dance routine so we won. After a couple of dance battles all year 8 students did all the dance performances from the Fiafia night. We did bollywood dancing, ballet and much more. Our music teacher came and watched us as we fooled around dancing together. I loved it, our room was surrounded with smiles and laughter.
Sadly we had to stop because we had a last school assembly for the term.

That was my last day of the term reflection.


Willy I said...


WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. Who said the girls won?! Though the boys had no dance routine, we DID have it working (get it) towards the end!

Just kidding the girls wo-no....POSSIB-no....PROBAB-no.....nice post... :-)


MehIa said...

LOL it was actually a tie but lets just say the girls won because like Beyonce said,


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