Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Mary - Well Being

For Health we learnt about the four walls of self also known as Hauora.
The four walls of self include:
- Taha Tinana - Physical Well Being
- Taha Wairua - Spiritual Well Being
- Taha Whanau - Social Well Being
- Taha Hinengaro - Mental/Emotional Well Being.
We learnt about the different effects it can have on us if we don't have one wall working. I created a Powtoon to show what I like to do that effects each wall of my Hauora.


Isabella said...

Very good slide show visually, keep up the good work!

Lennyx W said...

Nice animations, like how the slides transition.

Melissa Te Tai said...

Nice features and themes :)

Kacia makea said...

This is a very good presentation, Great work Mehi

Georgia Dougherty said...

I like how you have played around with lots of different parts of PowToon Mary, hopefully you can help others using the application in the future :) I enjoyed watching your PowToon, because I got to learn a little more about you - can't wait to read more posts! Miss D

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