Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Baking in the HOLIDAYS!

Hello everybody today I felt like baking so I made these delicious, fluffy muffins/cupcakes. They were super moist in the inside and had a super chocolatey frosting. I don't really have a recipe for this its basically just a cake batter but I put it into cupcake tins. But here is a recipe that you can use from a website called www.chelsea.co.nz. Hope you enjoy making them and leave a comment to tell me how it turned out :)

The finished Product:

NEK MINIT...Let's face reality, homemade muffins don't look like that(Unless you're really passionate about the presentation). I mean like c'mon it doesn't really matter about the presentation. It's the taste that matters.

My REAL Homemade Muffins:

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Ms Aireen said...

Yes I agree with you Mehi - when it comes to baking and your really hungry, the presentation does not matter its the taste! Hope you enjoyed eating your muffins with your family.

Thanks for providing the website link for these yummy muffins Mehi, I'll be making them with my family in the weekend.

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