Friday, 3 July 2015


WOW today was such a blast! Well firstly because in the morning we started out with managing self then it was Morning Tea. Morning Tea was fun because we were playing touch with Mr Nepia and Caleb(Music Teacher). After Morning tea the band had to go and practice. I am so lucky to be apart of the band, I mean like I love to sing and entertain. We were going to perform at the school assembly. We were going to perform Man in the mirror by the one and only Michael Jackson and another song called Seven Nation Army(I don't know the artists who sing this song...Sorry...). Anywho we went through a few practices all the way until lunch time.

Lunch time was SOOO much fun because I actually enjoyed playing touch(I don't really like the sport touch and when I play it I find it boring). I was in the game and got to have a few runs too and just before the bell rang for the end of lunch time the whole school had to pick up rubbish. 
Then lunchtime was over and again we had another few practices at band (just to make our acts tight). I was soon starting to get nervous because it was nearly assembly and I was performing for the first time. The time was going by real fast and the next thing I know it was assembly time. At first I was happy but then the closer it got to us performing I started becoming nervous. After a few notices from teachers it was time for us to perform. I got up proud, went up, grabbed the microphone and just waited. The first song we performed was Seven Nation Army. After that it was finally the time to perform Man in the Mirror. I was getting nervous but I soon realised that there was no need for shyness because I was surrounded by people who I talk to and people who I learn with. 
The first beat came in and I started singing. I was so proud of myself because there were people cheering us on and I was getting confident.....I think.

The song went onto the chorus.....second verse......and then the last few choruses. It was coming to an end and I was getting sad because I LOVED it. It just felt so magical and beautiful to even be up there. Once the song was done everybody was shouting and cheering. I was just SOOOO PROUD OF MYSELF. I have accomplished one of my dreams, to perform in front of a crowd. All I needed to do was to control my shyness and just be confident. It was such a privilege to sing in front of everybody and I am so proud of myself. 


Patosina S said...

Hi Mehi,
Sorry I could be there to play the keyboard fr you.
It sound like you had a magical time yourself, I think if you can sing in front of our school then you can be like Michael Jackson and sing in front of thousands of people.
I loved that you accomplished your dreams.

By Patosina/Tito/Friend

MehIa said...

LOL Thanks Patosina/Tito, I really did wish that you could've been there to play the keyboard and Thank you again for saying one of the most nicest things someone has ever said to me, " I think if you can sing in front of our school then you can be like Michael Jackson and sing in front of thousands of people." I also understand that you couldn't be there.


Ms Aireen said...

I wish I was there to see you perform as I know you have been working very hard to overcome your fears about sining in front of a live audience.

Like Patosina said, this was "...a magical moment..." for you as you managed to get over your fears and share your beautiful singing with your peers and teachers - a live audience - for the first time. I am so proud of you Mehi and I look forward to seeing you perform at our next school assembly.

Malo aupito!

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