Monday, 6 April 2015

MY Easter Weekend

WOW what a weekend because I had a church camp during the easter weekend and I actually just got back  and I was like dying to blog about it so anywho this is what I did......

Friday was the first day of our church camp. First we had church at 12 o'clock. Then we went home and got our stuff ready. Later we then went back to church at 6:30 and settled in then we just played a few games had dinner/tea and went to sleep after 12 o'clock(we were so hyped up from eating a yummy sweet chocolate cake I made.) The next morning on Saturday (well it was already Saturday so umm a few hours later) we woke up had some delicious breakfast and then split into two different age groups where we had to discuss about our understandings of Jesus' crucifiction. My group did a little skit showing what the bad things people had done to him then we had to explain the meaning of that action. After that we played some games it was so funny. We played dodgeball, skipping, tug-o-war, something that is similar to non stop cricket and many other games. I actually burned my pointing finger from the rope when we were playing tug-o-war. When we were playing skipping it was so funny because it went from slow to fast and some people just couldn't jump that fast for example my brother Toma, but I was actually surprised to see little 5 year olds jump so fast I mean like to be honest I think they jumped faster than me.

After playing so many fun games we had lunch and went back to playing even more games. Then it struck 5 o'clock. We had a programme where we presented our skits that we practiced earlier to some of the people from my church. When that finished we had some dinner and again played a few games and stayed up. I was the first one to go to sleep out of my friends(I don't know why?) Apparently they didn't go to sleep until after 3 in the morning.

Then it was Sunday. It was more like an average Sunday where you go to church go back home and eat together with your family but this time it was an even bigger family, we had a feast to celebrate how Jesus rose back again after three days of his death. When we were finished eating we all helped to clean up and then again we played a few games(to make it easier we played every night except for today because thats when we come back home.) But this time I stayed up late(after 1 o'clock in the morning) well because we were just telling each other funny moments that have happened in 2014 and 2015 and oh boy we couldn't stop laughing. We actually got told to laugh more quieter. But then the moment was ruined because again I was the first to sleep(hahahahahaha).

It was then finally Monday again we woke up had breakfast, got ready for the day. But this time we didn't play some games we had a easter hunt(well it is a game). I found a really small one. But even though it was small it was still yummy. After that we then played some games like musical chairs, musical statues and many more I actually won the musical statues well probably because I wasn't moving that much but YAY for me. Then we played a ice-cream game where you partner up with somebody and you have to feed each other ice-cream but there's a twist you're both blindfolded and get spun around three times to make you a bit dizzy and also its a race to see who finishes their ice-cream first against other buddies. It was so hilarious because my partner just shoved it in my mouth and all over my clothes, it was difficult for me to even find her so I think I put it on her nose. After that funny moment we just had some free time ate lunch and got ready to go back home. I didn't really want to go home because it was so cool and fun .
The worst thing of all was that I didn't take any pictures to go with this post because I couldn't find the camera on my netbook which is just weird(plus my netbook was reimaged to like a chrome device thingo so yeah.......)

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Ms Aireen said...

You have recounted exciting events of your weekend which indicates you had an enjoyable and busy weekend with your family and friends at church.

I would have loved to be in the audience to watch the skit you and your group presented at church about Jesus crucification.

Looking back on your easter weekend with you family and friends - What was the main highlight of your weekend and why? Did you learn anything new, special or personal?

Thanks for sharing your easter with us Mehi.

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