Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The last day of School for the Term!!

HOORAYY!! School is finished but although it has I will still miss waking up early and walking to school. But finally I can just sleep in all day well maybe..... Today was a okay day. We had Managing self in the first block then after that it was morning tea then we did our bio poems. After that it came to lunch time which  was the best me Ma'asi, T.J, William and Brandon were playing shoots as in getting the basketball in the hoop. It was so cool because I got the ball in the goal twice in a row but Brandon had to steal the spotlight and get it in but he was a bit more back from the place that I got it in. Then T.J got it in and William but sadly Ma'asi didn't get anything which cracked me up because she was laughing too but then again sad. Then the bell rang and we did a Netbook Stocktake packed up the class and to end the day we had a whole school assembly where we sang songs and just enjoyed the last minutes of school. It was funny because me and Willy were on our own buzz singing HAPPY! by Pharrell. Sadly after our happiness ended because the bell rang. Every teacher escorted their classes out the door and out the gates.

I had a fun but okay last day and I can't wait for the next term to come!

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