Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My Night!!!!

WOW what a blast I just came back from my little cousin's graduation. It happened at the Sylvia Park School hall(which is big). My little cousin is only five and she graduated but it was for her kindergarten so yeah. It was so beautiful and magical there was a red carpet, balloons, streamers, glitter and many more beautiful things. First they had a opening ceremony where they will call the names and that person would walk up. Then there was a opening prayer done by a lady from my church. Next the little kiddies did a song and even my little brother Lino but he wasn't even graduating and the best thing of all was that I taught them the song it was a song my class did last year with room one and it went: 
Wheke, wheke,
Ika, ika,
Tuna, tuna,
Pipi, pipi, 
Paua, paua,
Kai Moana E
(I hope you know this song)

I was so proud of them(LOL) After that the awards were given out they were so lucky they got a task book, certificate, gift bag and even a huge and I mean HUGE easter bunny, I was so jealous. Next there was a item done by three women it was a Samoan siva. Then a short speech was done by the Sylvia Park principal. After that happened a haka was done by some of the older students from Sylvia Park School. It was quite different to ours. But before that happened a sweet little 8 year from there school sang Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran while playing the guitar and man was I AMAZED she is only 8 years old and she could do that man soooo talented. After that item a prayer was done to bless the food that we were about to eat. I ate so much yummy food and the best was the CURRY. After that I had some trifle,, a chocolate caramel cupcake, some brownies and chocolate for dessert. It was so DELICIOUS and YUMMY. Next I went and played on the park. I got several stitches so I stopped. There park was so adventurous and different. There school was also so BIG. They even had a basketball court with hoops and a lot of parks which were around the school (and I was just like thinking to myself is that where they got there name from?). Anywho we then went back to my cousins house had some more sweets and then went back home.

It was such a lovely graduation and best of all they performed a song that I taught them.

What a night!

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