Thursday, 16 April 2015

Youth Camp

Hey guys if you didn't know but I went on a camp with my Youth group. There were also other youth groups there too which was great because I met so many new people. There isn't much to say I mean we did like the same stuff everyday.

So umm where do I start......... Well first me and my youth group all met at the top gate at Tamaki Primary where we waited for our animators(youth teachers) to pick us up. While we were waiting each and everyone of us started arriving then finally our animators arrived. Me, Quitah and Taylor went in one car while the others went in the rest. Our car ride was awesome because we were listening to funky music on the road and was also eating too. Then our animator Ruby shouted us a Frozen Coke and told us not to tell the others otherwise she would have to buy then one. While we were driving it was smooth but then really bumpy at the same time I was really scared at some points but then happy. The weather wasn't really helpful either, it was raining and cloudy. At a point I could see some sunlight but then the dark grey clouds just covered it. After a few minutes then HOURS  we were finally there at first I thought it was small but them once you enter its well kinda big. As soon as I walked in heaps of new faces were just looking at me. I was scared and felt like going back home but then I hung in there. After that we all introduced ourselves and then we had dinner and did this thing that is kinda like a game which its called 'Guardian Angel'. In Guardian Angel you have to pick out a name from a box and from there the person that you chose is your angel and angel and you are there Guardian. Since you're their guardian Angel you have to do nice things for them like make their bed, get them food or even write them letters but the thing is is that you can't tell them they have to guess on the last night of camp. After that we all sang some prayers and then off to bed. We all slept in cabins. I shared my cabin with Quitah and two animators. Our cabin was like a fridge like literally it was freezing cold. 

Then it was the next day. We all got up and went into the hall for prayers. After prayers we had breakfast and then came back altogether and played a few games. Next we did a book task that was about numbers. I learnt so many new things about Maths for example what irrational and rational numbers are and etc. After that we had morning tea and then back to the books. I learnt even more things like what Pi is. Then we played a few games and then went out for sport. I actually felt like I was at school. Later after sports we had some yummy lunch and then had some free time. After free time we all came back together and played games and learnt new songs. The time was going so fast that the next thing you know it it was dinner time. After dinner we all went outside and started playing and running around just having fun. It was so beautiful every night because there were so many stars just sparkling in the dark night sky. After that we all went and got ready for bed. The night before our cabin felt like a fridge but this time our cabin was so warm and toasty because we were given a heater. It was so warm at night and that stayed the same for every night.

The next day came and again we did the same thing as the day before for the whole day but except at night we had to chose from two options which were a dance workshop or art workshop. I chose to do the dance workshop because not only did I want to dance but because the art workshop was only making lanterns. So at the dance workshop two animators who were really and I mean really good at dancing taught us a dance to the song Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson(YAYA!!) and Justin Timberlake. It was so cool seeing everyone participate and moving together at the same time. After we learnt all the moves we were split into groups and had to perform the dance to everybody. At first I was nervous but then I slowly built my confidence. After that we had a night snack, sang some prayers and then went to bed.

The next day came and again we did the same thing as the day before except in the morning we all went down to a nearby beach and did some sand sculptures where we were split into groups and was given a quote and from that quote we had to make a sand sculpture from something that inspired us from the quote. Our quote was, 'Let each morn be better than its eve and each morrow richer than its yesterday.' My group did a moon rising and a sun setting and with the moon we got some really dark sand and blended it in with the light sand to make it look as if it is night time. I just can't explain how cool it looked like . After few hours of playing it was night time and it was time to reveal who our guardian angels were. My guardian angel was somebody I didn't even know her name was Jade. She wrote some really sweet letters to me and was really kind to me also. After everybody had revealed their Guardian Angel we played Capture The Flag. We were split into two different teams where we each had a different glowing colour code. My team was green and the other team was red. Our team won because we were the best the score was 3-0 to us. I was a defender. It was cool being a defender because we got the honours of putting the other team in prison. After that we all had some brownies and then got ready for bed.

Then finally it was the last day of our camp. We all woke up said some prayers and had some breakfast. Next we did reflections where each and everyone of us had to say our highlight. My highlight was learning many different things about maths. After that we all did a huge clean up. My job was to sweep and mop the cabins and to make sure nobody's stuff was left behind. After like an hour of cleaning everybody was packed and ready to go home. All the animators were sad to leave but the students weren't they wanted to go home to internet and all that stuff. I was half and half I was sad but at the same time I wanted to go home. When everybody said their goodbyes and were off on the road while we were driving we were listening to music very loud and again our animator shouted us some Frozen Coke. Overall the camp was great and I am glad that I am back home:)


Willy I said...

Whoa, Mehi!

This is seriously a lot of words! And I read all of them! But gosh, that must've been so amazing to be out in the open, away from most of the cold for the Youth Camp.

And wow, what a coincidence. Michael Jackson would appear in this post......


MehIa said...

Well the view was so amazing and magical but Willy you should always know that Michael Jackson are in my posts well some of them and yeah..


stanley said...

Ohhh man I wish I was there because I was really met to be there but I wanted to foucs on my training and Rugby League Career so yeah

Man Mehi you guys did some cool thing man but yeah cool Mehi

The reason why keep on say "cool" is because I am JEALOUS!!! :)

MehIa said...

Well guess what Stanley nearly everybody wanted to go home including me. LOL. It was so cold and we didn't really do that much so yeah and its great to see you focusing on your Rugby League career. By the way I wished you were there too(well kinda because you're funny and you would've made us laugh everyday!)


Willy I said...

Well...this is awkward...

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