Saturday, 18 April 2015

White Sunday - Bible Verses

Man I just hate having to learn long bible verses for White Sunday. I mean like its so boring and no fun, all you have to do is just sit there trying to memorize it over and over and over again. Its just so hard because once you get it you just forget it straight away I mean like when you're learning song lyrics its so easy but when you're learning bible verses its just just so HARD! 

 I think its only hard learning Bible verses because how its in your own language and you don't know how to speak it that much so it makes it even harder. But even if its in English it can be sometimes hard.


Willy I said...

Oh my gosh, I'm the 3333rd viewer of your blog! Wow!

But don't you worry, Mehi, everyone gets their bible verses in the end. Even if it is hard work, and everyone else in your church youth may be still learning and need help, we ALLL get it at the end, usually days before White Sunday.

You get used to it (probably you already have) after a few more years!

But yeah, it's boring to sit and learn. So familiar, am I right?

MehIa said...

Willy I have five bible verses then I have to learn two more for this skit that I'm in. Its SUPER hard man and I feel ever sadder for my friend who has six bible verses and then she has to learn like two more. White Sunday is so hard. The part I like about White Sunday is the feast at the end.LOL


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