Thursday, 28 May 2015

Hercules DLO

This is a DLO(Digital Learning Object) that I have created with my buddy Stanley. In this task we had to choose 3 different characters using only 4 keywords that best describe that character and include an image of each character.


Patosina S said...

Hey Mehi,
I do agree with you that Hades is hot-tempered and Ruthless he really needs to visit anger management classes. Megara she's a big tough girl,ties her own sandals and everything really independent.I can go the distance a very determined Hercules.
Mehi I like the way you used interesting and deep words to describe them I think.
In tales I'm more interested in the villains than the heroes,I don't know there just more exciting than heroes and happy ever afters.

MehIa said...

WOAH thanks for the long comment, but really you like the villains more than the heroes well I like a bit of both(meaning the Hero and the Villain) and of course I love the happy endings!!


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