Thursday, 28 May 2015

Today at School!!!

Today was a really fun day for me because it felt like I did no work today. .....

At the start of the day we had technology as usual. I'm in art Tech. Today for art tech we did some doodling and finishing off our artwork. It was fun because we listened to music and just chatted while we were working. Soon the bell rang and it was morning tea. After morning tea I was pulled out of class before I could even get there to show some visitors around. That took for the whole middle block because the visitors took like 30 minutes in each class. It was kinda boring just waiting for them but it was worth it because I missed out on a spelling test. Then the bell rang for lunchtime. Yay!!!! Sadly I didn't really have a lunchtime because one of the teachers asked me to watch some girls in her class practice their dance. They were totally amazing. They were dancing to Waka Waka by Shakira. Then just before I was gonna go out to play the bell rang. NOOOOOOO.......... 

It was such a coincidence. I then went to class and did S.S.R(Sustained, silent, reading). While I was reading a article I was pulled out of class again. It was for Band. I was so surprised and Amazed. I mean like i'm going to band practice. Me and two of my friends were invited to the band. I was a singer. Our music teacher asked us what song do we want to do. Nobody said anything until one person said,"MEHI LIKES MICHAEL JACKSON!!"(which is true) Then our music teacher said, "Why don't we do Man in the Mirror then..." I was so happy. I was the lead singer for the song(I mean like c'mon it's my first day on the job and i'm already the lead singer). I sang the whole thing while Ma'asi harmonized. At first I was shy and not that confident but then Ma'asi and our music teacher told me to don't be shy and I took there advice and gained some of my confidence. Then sadly it was the end of the day and we had to go home:(

Today I had such a fun day and it was great to be at The Band Practice!!!

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