Wednesday, 27 May 2015

S.S.R (Sustained, Silent, Reading)

Today for S.S.R(Sustained, Silent, Reading) I read a really touching story on Kiwi Kids News. The article is called 'Boy Gives Homeless Man a Blessing.' The article is about a young boy who went to an Alabama Waffle House with his mother and he saw a homeless man sitting all alone with no food. The young boy named Josiah Duncan kept on asking his mother why the man was all alone and then his mother told him that the man was homeless, so then the young boy asked his mother if she could buy the poor man some food and she did. Customers and staff were so amazed because the young boy took the meal himself to the man and sang him a blessing song. The poor man was so grateful. 

Josiah is the perfect example of the kindness that many of us lose when we leave childhood – if we all saw people the way children do (without judgement) the world would be a better place!

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