Monday, 4 May 2015

White Sunday

Hey guys if you didn't know but I had White Sunday yesterday. It was so nerve racking because I was like struggling to remember my bible verses. I did know my Bible verses but I was just scared that I would blackout and forget everything(like I normally do...).

I wore a beautiful white cultural dress called a Pule taha. I wore jewelry that made the whole room shine. My jewelry matched with my clothing because my clothing had glitter specks on it which went perfect with my necklace and bracelet. My other siblings also wore white. When we were at the church there were other children who also wore beautiful clothes. Some wore pink, some wore green. It was a colorful day. Then the church service started I wasn't scared I mean like I see these people almost everyday. But again the nerves were getting to me about forgetting my verses. Then after some songs and bible verses it was my turn as I was walking to the stage I tried practicing my verses. I felt confident and ready to speak. Then the microphone was given to me I felt quite confident because I know that GOD will help me. Finally after that we did our class skits. Our class did the story of how Jesus healed a blind man who was poor and needy, Jesus healed him with just mud that was on the ground. He rubbed the mud on the eyes of the blind man and then told him to go and wash the mud off in this sacred pool. Next thing you know the blind man could see which is a huge MIRACLE.

After all the skits were done it was time for the best part........THE FEAST....... Just kidding although it was yum. I had a lot of Pizza and pie. After that I had ice-cream and some cold refreshments. When everybody had to play our part in the most coolest thing ever......... The CLEANING!!!
Yay the most coolest part of White Sunday.....Nek Minit

White Sunday was a AWESOME day for us adolescence and kids. It was great seeing all the children happy and smiling. The day ended in a great way as it was night. The night sky was clear and pitch black but for some reason to me it looked like the stars were gleaming right back at me.

What a day!!!

If you want to know what my Bible verse was well here you go 1 John Chapter 4 verse 13-17 but in Tongan.

A church that isn't my church getting ready for White Sunday...

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