Monday, 11 May 2015

Kia Manawanui Auckland War Memorial Musuem Trip

Hey guys today me and my class Kia Manawanui went to the Auckland War Memorial Museum to explore different Myths and Legends(which is our Inquiry topic). It was so fun I learnt many new things for example some more myths from my own culture and even our Pacific cultures too. We even got to make and use things too. There was also a Mummy tomb feature that we got to look at but sadly not touch. I learnt so many things in that Mummy exhibit for example there was this vase called a Canopic Jar that ancient Egyptians used to put the Mummy's organs in(which is disgusting but back in the days people thought it was good because they thought that it would be needed in the afterlife). Back in the day Ancient Egyptians also put other things in the Mummy tombs for example tools, weapons, food and etc. They thought that all these things would be needed in the afterlife. The more wealthy you were the more things you'll have in your tomb. I also learnt that mostly only wealthy people were put into tombs while the poor people were just buried normal.  I also learnt other things but it's just too much that I can't explain it all.

Today was such a great experience(even though I've been there how many times)....
I think that you should also go to the Auckland Museum because it is such a great place to go to.

Canopic Jar

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Mummy Tomb!

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